The Beer

IPO [Initial Public Offering]


Malt forward, with caramel malt providing some sweetness. Crisp bitterness from the magnum hops to go with layered spicy, floral and citrus aromas. Dry-hopped with magnum adds to the spicy aroma.


6.8% ABV, 68 IBU


Malt: Pale, Caramel
Hops [Bittering]: Magnum
Hops [Aroma]: Crystal, Magnum
Dry Hop: Citra, Crystal, Magnum
Yeast: American Ale

P&L [Profit & Loss]

Pale Ale

Our Pale Ale pours a vivid golden colour with a sturdy, effervescent head. The initial sweetness is brought on by the use of caramel malts and balanced by the hop profile. Cascade hops are used to enhance the aroma with elements of citrus and grapefruit.


5% ABV, 28 IBU


Malt: Pale, Caramel
Hops [Bittering]: Magnum, Perle
Hops [Aroma]: Cascade
Yeast: American Ale

White-Collar Crime

White IPA

Our White IPA is full bodied and characteristically cloudy with a creamy head. Aromas of orange, coriander and light malts accent and enhance the light pilsner and wheat flavour profile.


5.5% ABV, 66 IBU


Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Unmalted
Wheat Flakes
Hops [Bittering]: Bravo
Hops [Aroma]: Citra, Centennial, Cascade
Spices: Bitter Orange Peel, Coriander
Yeast: London Ale




Full bodied porter with characteristic chocolate and caramel flavour that is well balanced by clean bitterness and a mildly floral and spicy aroma.


5.5% ABV, 34 IBU


Malt: Pale, Oats, Chocolate,
Caramel, Carapils
Hops [Bittering]: Magnum
Hops [Aroma]: Cascade, Hallertau
Yeast: British Ale


Evil Corporation Brewing’s mission is world domination through quality craft beer.

Their largest division and business line is focused on the production some of Alberta’s finest small barrel batches. Some of their other numerous business units include: Merchandise, Glassware, Stickers, Propaganda and Corporate Espionage.

Founded by Melanie Jackson, Anthony Jackson, Quan Ly, Dan Piekut, and Randy Mah, the Evil Corporation name is a nod to the founders’ successful corporate backgrounds, and also playfully satirizes the beloved evil corporations of 1980’s science fiction. By producing the highest quality beer and giving back to the community, Evil Corporation Brewing will be everything but evil.

The Taproom

Evil Corporation Brewing’s Evil lair remains hidden in the shadows for now, though nefarious plans are underfoot to open a taproom before the end of 2019.

Having failed to find a volcano to locate the taproom on, a location in the Calgary Barley Belt is currently being held ransom from the landlord. The Evil founders are working on how to fit the death ray between the fermenters and how many laser sharks they can get in the tank under cold storage.

Evil Corporation will surely provide a unique brewery and taproom experience like no other. Come back soon for more news.


Evil Corporation can be found in liquour stores across Alberta and is also available for ordering through Liquor Connect.

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